Popular Questions

  • Where are you located in New Delhi and New York?
    We are located in Greater Kailash Part 1 in New Delhi and Jersey City in USA.
  • Do you offer photography work abroad?
    We are visiting New York in May 2024 and will be there for two months. During our stay, we are offering our services for free to those who would like us to cover one of their wedding occasions. As part of our video creation for our channel, we will document the event and create a beautiful story by capturing videos and engaging in conversations with the relatives of the bride and groom. All we ask in return is that our team of five people is provided with pick-up and drop-off transportation from our home to the event venue. This offer is a unique opportunity to have your special occasion documented professionally and featured on our channel, at no cost to you.
  • Where are you currently located?
    We are currently located in New Delhi.
  • Are you open for freelance/contract work?
    Currently, we are not offering freelance or contract services. Our focus during our stay in New York is specifically on documenting wedding ceremonies for Indian families as part of our YouTube channel content. If you have any wedding events in May or June 2024 and are interested in having them featured on our channel, please let us know!
  • Will there be any charge for the videography?
    There will be absolutely no charge for doing the videography for the event.
  • Will you handover the video to the wedding couple?
    We will not be delivering the video to any of the wedding party. Since the purpose of our recording is for vlogging, the video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. This way, everyone can access and view the video directly from our channel.
  • Are you open for any services outside Indian Community?
    No the services will strictly be offered to Indian community who are residing in New York only.