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Our Services

Engagement Shoots

Celebrate your love story before the big day with our engagement shoots. We capture the joy and excitement of your engagement, creating a beautiful collection of photos that showcase your relationship.

Pre-Wedding Shoots

Our pre-wedding shoots offer a chance to tell your love story in a setting that’s special to you. Whether it’s a romantic location or a fun theme, we create stunning images that reflect your personalities and bond.

Haldi & Mehndi Ceremony Shoots

We capture the vibrant colors, laughter, and rituals of the Haldi & Mehndi ceremony, focusing on the playful and joyous moments as turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom.

Wedding Day Coverage

From the intimate moments of getting ready to the joy of your ceremony and the celebration at your reception, we provide comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, ensuring that every important detail is preserved.

Traditional Photography

Our traditional photography services include posed portraits and formal shots, ensuring that you have classic and timeless images of your wedding and loved ones.

Drone Photography

Get a unique perspective of your wedding venue and surroundings with our drone photography services, capturing breathtaking aerial views and dynamic footage.